Squad | Friendship + Fashion


Lately, days off have been a less frequent and time is just slippin' away.  

A few weeks ago, my Boo Bear [Bestie] came into town and while I sometimes feel like we never have enough time together it was the best.  I got to see her kiddos and her beautiful face, and that just makes me happy.

Just as marriage friendships take work if you want someone to be there for you, be there for them.  I am so thankful for the few friendships that I do have because my friends contact me and it isn't a one way street.  

And while yes, social media sometimes has a negative affect on relationships for me it is a way to keep up with my friends in a day in my life kind of way. 

My girlfriends mostly connect via Snapchat which is cool we send snippets of our day, etc., to each other and it works with keeping us up to date daily with on one another rather than one in a while.  

Just make sure you love on the people who love on you. : ] 

Outfit details:
Shoes / Converse
Pants / American Eagle
Tee / Target