Ulta Beauty Haul

The weather this month in Houston has been pretty bad.  

I should've been able to blog all day type of weather, except inspiration wasn't coming to me so I couldn't write and I much rather post nothing than post something that SUCKED.


Last month, I had multiple trips to Ulta and I wanted to share my findings with you.  I haven't had the chance to use all of these and I wanted to hold off until I had the time to at least do some swatches for you.  But in the wise words of Kevin Hart, the way my life is set up it is nearly impossible.  

So we will just discuss a few of the items I picked up. 

1. NYX - Highlight + Contour Kit
2. NYX Matte Lipstick - These I will put up a swatch color on IG just so you can see what they look like.  
3. Essence Lip Pencils - I tried out the darker berry color just as a lip color and it was beautiful.  I didn't photograph it because I felt a little vain with all of the selfies currently occupying my phone.  : |
4. Essence Nail Polish
5. Esssence Lip Stick
6. CND VinyLux - The color photographs as a gold but in the sunlight changes from a nice goldish green blue type of color.  It is a very beautiful color, and the polish has lasted me for a while.  It is definitely time for a manicure.  

I am always up for suggestions on new beauty items so when I received a text from my sister in law on a new gel nail polish she tried out and it was only $1.99 I had to share it with you guys.  


The Essence Polishes I have used yet, because I only change my nail color every two weeks.  But I picked up two colors, I am in love with all white nails so I had to pick up white and a peachy color.  I may paint my nails this week so be on the look out for those colors on my instagram page. 

I have a bunch of NYX Matte Lips Colors so when I saw that Ulta was stocked, I of course picked up a few.  Mauve is a very hot color right now thanks to Kylie Jenner so I wanted to try them out on my skin tone and see if I was loving them or nah.  

The NYX contour kit I had been searching for high and low just to try it out and when I finally found it at my local Ulta I had to scoop it up.  I want to get a little more into contour just to see if I like it for date nights, but I haven't had the chance to tap into the palette yet.  I also want to try cream contours so let me know which ones are your favorite.


What are your new beauty purchases you'd love to rave about?  I wanna hear!