Coffee Chat: 001

Coffee Chat : 001

Good morning loves!

I was searching my Flickr account to find a photo for today's blog post and I found this one and it gave me an idea.  I know I put out there that I had specific days that I wanted to post about certain things and that will remain relatively the same.  But I also want to make sure that my potential clients/readers are finding me because of me and not because I just do a service that they need/want.

I slowly started to realize that the people I like the most and interact with on social media are people who have the attitudes that they have, love what they do, and are exactly themselves.

In person I cuss a lot!, I tone it down around people I don't know and I try to not come off really rude and it is a bad habit but I do it.  I strayed away from putting cuss words on my blog because honestly it is something that I would eventually like to stop doing.  But I am not perfect and I have rough days and I throw mini tantrums and I act like a certified B and guess what that should and is in my book entirely okay.  So you will be seeing more of me, and less of what everyone else "defines" as a good relationship to have between client/brand/etc.  If you don't like me, that is O. K.! The world will still revolve, thankfully.  

Today is the start of a new "series"  here on the blog, and if the title didn't give it away it is going to be called Coffee Chat: [Insert # here] 

This is a photo of my beautiful coffee from when I visited Guadalajara MX for our IVF treatments, and while that is an entire story for another day.  I love this coffee, and I loved my trip to GDL. 

Everywhere I seem to look the past few months I have noticed that everyone seems to be going through a season, myself included.  I was having a hard time getting inspired, everything seemed to be a mess [and still is a little] and time just seemed to keep slipping away.  I have been so exhausted as of recently even a week vacation didn't help.  It has been flooding and raining off and on in Houston and rainy, icky weather just makes me want to stay home.  

But I feel like I am getting a little more inspired and back on the motivation train, workouts were put on the back burner because of my tooth and shoulder pains that seemed like they were never going to go away. Tooth pain is still there a little but I can finally eat on that side of my mouth again.  : | 

So I hope to start working out next week, I believe I have been eating fairly decently.  Dinner last night was a Turkey burger, chips and a Mighty Swell Cocktail.  I have made a list of books that I want to read, is it me or does all this technology make you feel dumber?  I feel like things are so easily accessible so we no longer try to retain information or that could just be me. Whatever it is I definitely want to start reading more.  

I hope you loves have a safe and dry Wednesday - it is currently raining in Houston it is true when they say April Showers. 

But before you go, reach out to me on social media and let me know, what books are you reading?  What you are going to do differently to be you out there on the WWW?  And how do you relax in your down time?

Until next time,
Love, Grace and a whole lotta Taste! [I dunno where I come up with these things