Weekend Dress | Puppies | A Cute Girl

This past weekend I was so looking forward to getting a ton of outfit post together for the next month for you guys but that just didn't happen. 

My niece was hanging out with us and as soon as I brought my camera out, she was like "OOOoo, Can I try?".  I find it very cool when my niece or nephew wants to hold a camera in their hands so I'm always up for it.  Of course, right after I give them the lecture of how important it is to not drop this camera, and how it is a life or death situation.  

E was able to get a few shots in prior to us wrapping the camera strap tightly around her.  After that she started to tell me how I should pose.  Yup, you heard right.  She told me how I should pose. LOL.  

The dress is from Forever 21, it is really comfortable and the perfect dress for the weekend.  I am not sure you are like me and weekends are pretty much for running errands and getting to everything I can't during the week which is pretty much everything.  

So throwing on a dress and running out of the house is the best thing ever, especially on the weekend. 

// Dress: Forever 21 // Sandals: Old Navy //

I wasn't sure how the photos were going to turn out so I decided to leave the little make up I had on for the day alone and just see how the first + only outfit went.  We had some blurry images but some of them worked out. 

These are the poses that a soon to be 9 year old taught me. Don't try to steal them.  


Oh and in case you missed her on my social media accounts, this is Bella our new little pit baby.