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Blog Monday's Be Like...

Good Morning Loves!!! 

It is another Monday but this is a good Monday.  I will be off for a week with E and I get to see my boo bear bestie, no worries I have scheduled post for the rest of the week for you.  So yay!! for adulting some what, lol. 

Yesterday I wanted to spend prepping April Month blog post but my mother had other plans for me.  So we went antique shopping, I use shopping lightly because she didn't purchase anything, as per her usual. 

Last weekend I tried to clean around the house a little and do some beauty cleaning of my own and while I desperately need to clean up my make up brushes.  I decided it was the perfect time to set a dead sea mud mask and clean some of that much needed gunk off of my face.  

P.S. If you are looking for a make up brush cleaning tutorial, I highly recommend this video

Mud Mask Directions: 

1. Check Ingredients
Be sure to check the ingredient prior to putting anything on your face if you may have allergies.  I know a lot of people also rather use natural ingredients as well, so be sure that any products you use are within your lifestyle choices.  

2.  Follow directions on the jar. LOL
The directions are normally on the jar, tube, etc., but you want to make sure that you wash your face prior to putting the mask on it, the helps remove any debris from caking into the mask.  

3.  Pat Dry Face with Clean Wash Cloth
You want to make sure you pat dry your face after washing to remove any access water, then apply the mask.  

4.  Apply Mask
I typically apply the mask in an upward motion, you don't want to ever pull down on your skin.  I also applied the mask under my chin.  

5. Wash Off Mask
Unless you prefer walking around with a grayish white face after 15 minutes I recommend washing it off.   Use a wash cloth and warm water in circular motions until all of the mask is removed be sure to check whether you missed any spots.  Pat dry your face, and let it breath before apply your favorite moisturizer.  

On occasion I will go to HomeGoods to find beauty products so you can pick some dead sea mud mask there. 

If you follow me on snapchat @byvashtico you probably saw me use the product look like a maniac and then wash off.   If you don't follow me on  Shame! 

Of course, my face seemingly looked the same but it felt amazing. The directions say to use it once a week and if I could find myself at the house over the weekend I will definitely start to use it more.  

Mask It Dead Sea Mud Mask | Beauty Products
Mask It Dead Sea Mud Mask | Beauty Products

I will update it later with the products that I use, I forgot to get a picture for you guys!  But no worries it will be updated no later than 9pm CST.